KD and KDH Rotary Piston

KD and KDH Rotary Piston

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KD and KDH Rotary Piston

KD / KDH vacuum pumps are belt-driven, low-speed rotary piston pumps. Since these pumps have no metal-to-metal contact from the clearances being filled with oil, these pumps are rugged and reliable; some have been in system operation for over 70 years.

Gas ballast and large oil capacity enable the KD / KDH models to handle moderate water or other vapor loads.

KD models are air-cooled, KDH models are water-cooled.


  • Drying Chambers
  • Degasifiers
  • Filling Machinery
  • Evacuation of Process Chambers


  • Absolute pressures down to the low micron range
  • Full pumping speed down to 1 Torr
  • Long-life operation due to no metal-to-metal contact inĀ  the pumping chamber
  • High resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • No small orifices to plug up
  • Includes integral oil mist eliminator
  • Adjustable gas ballast permits handling of condensable vapors


KD30, KD50, KDH130, KDH150

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