KMBD-BP Vacuum Boosters

KMBD-BP Vacuum Boosters

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KMBD-BP Vacuum Boosters

Kinney vacuum boosters are automatically protected by an overload bypass valve which adjusts to gas load conditions.

When the pressure differential reaches a threshold of 75 Torr (100 mbar), the bypass valve opens to prevent further increase on the booster or the motor load. As the pressure differential reduces below threshold, the valve closes and the booster resumes normal operation.

The booster does not require variation in operation speed and the bypass valve eliminates the need for temperature or pressure switches.


  • Supercharging vacuum pumps for better system performance
  • Increasing vacuum system capacities
  • Reducing system ultimate pressures


  • Gears: Helical, ground gears for quiet operation
  • Low mechanical noise -  82 dB(A) or less at blank-off
  • Includes:                    
    • Booster with bypass valving & manifold
    • 230/460/3/60 TEFC motor
    • Drive coupling with OSHA guard
    • Initial charge of lubricating oil


  • Seal options:                    
    • Mechanical-labyrinth seals on rotor shafts; mechanical sealing on drive shaft
    • Slinger on rotor shafts


  • Available in special materials such as:                      
    • Stainless steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Ductile Iron
    • Electroless nickel plated



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