KMBD-C Vacuum Boosters

KMBD-C Vacuum Boosters

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KMBD-C Vacuum Boosters

All KMBD 200/400C – 4500C models include flange adapters for mounting either a NEMA C-face motor (up to 75 HP) or an IEC D-flange motor (up to 55 kW) directly to the mechanical booster, eliminating the need for a separate base mounted assembly and coupling guard for the mechanical booster.


  • Supercharging vacuum pumps for better system performance
  • Increasing vacuum system capacities
  • Reducing system ultimate pressures


  • Gears: Helical, ground gears for quiet operation
  • Low mechanical noise -  82 dB(A) or less at blank-off
  • Include flange adapter to mount either:                    
    • NEMA C-face motor (up to 75 HP)
    • IEC D-flange motor (up to 55 kW)


  • Seal options:                    
    • Mechanical-labyrinth seals on rotor shafts; mechanical sealing on drive shaft
    • Slinger on rotor shafts


  • Available in special materials such as:                      
    • Stainless steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Ductile Iron
    • Electroless nickel plated


KMBD200C/400C, KMBD540C, KMBD720C, KMBD850C, KMBD1200C, KMBD1600C, KMBD2000C, KMBD2700C, KMBD2900C, KMBD3600C, KMBD4500C

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