Model 1200 PD Plus Single Envelope Gas Blowers

Model 1200 PD Plus Single Envelope Gas Blowers

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Model 1200 PD Plus Single Envelope Gas Blowers

Model 1200 PD PLUS heavy duty industrial blowers are designed for high performance applications, up to 15 PSIG (1.03 bar g) pressure boost or 15” Hg (-500 mbar g) dry vacuum (24” Hg [-810 mbar g] water injected).

55/82 Series (Single Envelope Gastight)
This series is utilized in such applications as closed loop pneumatic conveying, fuel or process gas handling, or elevated pressure applications up to 100 PSIG (6.89 bar g) discharge.


  • Oil-Free Handling Fuel, Utility or Process Gases
  • Pulp/Paper Processing
  • Laser Recirculation Systems
  • Fluid Bed Combustion
  • Closed Loop Pneumatic Conveying
  • Vapor Recovery
  • Digester Gas Processing
  • Steam Compression
  • High-Performance Applications
  • Pressure Boosting


  • Gears: Helical gearing for quiet operation
  • Bearings:                      
    • Rotors: Double row ball
    • Drive Shaft: Spherical roller
  • Rotors: Ductile iron, integrally cast with shafts
  • Lubrication: Integral pressure lubrication
  • Seals: Mechanical/Labyrinth on rotor shafts; lip seal on drive shaft
  • Available in special materials such as:                    
    • Stainless steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Electroless nickel plated

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